SavageGreek Slipstream

War In The Trees!


  • Bird Men with black feathers attack as characters cross precarious high boughs of Avian City.
  • Kelog- Knocked off treetops – falling toward the forest surface 500 feet below
  • Xyrtl- blasts group of Bird Men with Grey Scream sending them to their doom 500 feet below.
  • Xyrtl- rocket pack out of control
  • Rau- Sweep 9 attackers (Bird Man Blender!)
  • Interstella’s Robo-Dog-K-9 scores a very critical hit!
  • Zora- Flying, dives hard and fast saving Kelog from going splat on the forest below.
  • Captain Squak and many white feathered bird men come to aid heroes (freedom fighters)
  • Avian civil war breaks out!
  • Twoot- King Throx’s Senior Herald continues to lead them to palace (The Birds Nest), secret pathway to palace throne room
  • Zora- Familiar with resistance movement, was a freedom fighter herself, that’s why she is WANTED!


  • King Throx under mind control by evil son- Prince Craw (Using Puppet power through circlet)
  • Xyrtl enters kings mind- dream like state, fog, sees sons, hears Anathraxa’s voice, sad king. Also spots another mystery figure but mental connection is violently severed.
  • Vince kills Prince Craw with an amazing sniper shot to the head——Avoiding prolonged death trap arena fight with tilting floor and spike traps!
  • Xyrtl booted out of kings head….Shaken.
  • Twoot stabs king as he mourns his dead son. Poisoned blade. Plot Poison! (Thanks Karen) Could not be cured by Xyrtl’s Psionic Healing.
  • Twoot kills himself with cyanide pill hidden in tooth. “Long Live Anathraxa!”
  • Heroes told to find Lavekia Blossom….. (Flower with healing properties that can neutralize this poison!)
  • Sent to the “Down Below” surface of Avia, 500 feet below treetop city, Very dangerous on the surface of the fragment.
  • 8 hours to find flower or King Throx will die.
  • Before King was poisoned he tasks Lion Man Rau and friends to find his other son, Prince Boolar, who is being held captive by Queen Anathraxa, and return him safely home. If this can be accomplished King pledges the Bird Man forces will aid the fragment Simba in it’s plight.

Down Below!

  • Down Below- 500 feet down a vine/cable elevator, primitive looking yet perfectly blended with nature and science.
  • Heroes given a map to locate Lavekia Blossom
  • Told of dangers: Drop Bears, Kick Rabbits, Spark Snakes etc. (Many Verb Animals, as quoted by Clinton! LOL)
  • Rau asks Bird Men for cable- strong vine/rope. (They will provide upon his return)
  • Kelog hides in foliage, large mutant worm crawls over him. He does not pee himself.
  • Rau takes Danger Sense pills. Senses animal traps (Leg Hold) Avoided.
  • Interstella spots large bear – she instinctively shoots it, whole party opens fire!
  • Bear was already dead, killed by hunters, now bear hide is riddled with ray gun blaster burns.
  • Snapien (Snake Men) hunters get mad, Kelog offers $100 slips as compensation. Snapiens agree.
  • Kelog hires Snapiens as guides to find flower quicker. $50 slips.
  • Venemar (Snapien Leader) Intimidates Kelog then leads them into the forest.
  • Heroes must find the ancient petrified Great Tree, the only spot where the Lavekia Blossom is known to grow.
  • Interstella & Zora notice oil residue and small broken gears on the forest floor.

To Be Continued:
Will our Heroes find the Lavekia Blossom in time to save King Throx?
Who are the mysterious Snapians and can they be trusted to aid our Heroes?
What does the oil residue and broken gears really mean?

The answers await our Streamers this Saturday!
Don’t miss out on the nail bitting conclusion to: WAR IN THE TREES

Prelude: A Bumpy Ride

Our Heroes begin the campaign as passengers on a Gyptosian merchant ship. They are all headed to the fragment Barter for various personal reasons. They have all been couped together in a small lounge and have gotten to know each other over the past several hours.

  • Notice a unusual female Lion Man and an armed companion.
  • Female Lion Man named Lady Roaora Returning to Simba after visiting Mechanos on a diplomatic mission.
  • Without warning ship lurches hard to port. Metallic clangs. Boarded by space pirates.
  • Pirates try to kidnap Lady Roaora They have breeched the hull with explosives.
  • Heroes fight off pirates
  • Interstella falls out of ship! Gets caught up on cables. Climbs back inside once pirates are gone.
  • Gyptosian merchant ship out of control, crash lands on unknown fragment.
  • Repairs are underway. Heroes go scouting for ship debris and broken landing gear.
  • Lady Roaora thanks heroes and states that she is “child of Pride Leader Raoor. It is the tradition of my people to honor those who aid us. Once you have finished your business on Barter you are welcome to Simba as honored guests.”
  • Heroes are attacked by sentient Rock Men who worship the fragment and consider all aliens as heretics who defile holy ground.
  • Heroes fight Rock Men then stall them with pretend Robot Man made of spare parts until rocketship is finally repaired. Blast off! Head to Barter.
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