Xyrtl Yanxrp

A little grey alien with a wickedly powerful brain and a problem with the local language...


Name: Xrtyl “X” Yanxrp Xyrtl Yanxrp
Race: Gray Alien


Agility d8, Strength d4, Smarts d10, Spirit d8, Vigor d6
Pace 6, Charisma 0, Toughness 6(2), Parry 4

+2 Charisma with Tropicos

Psionics d10
Shooting d6
Fighting d4
Piloting d6
Healing d6 +1
Notice d6
Repair d6 (-2 without tools)

Languages known: Babelonian, Earthling, Hosbecite, Drel

Racial Edges: +10 Power Points, d8 Starting Smarts
Racial Hindrances: Strength capped at d6

Small (Major, -1 Toughness)
New Arrival (Minor, Character doesn’t know Streamer language)
Quirk (Talks to himself animatedly in Grey language)

Arcane Background (Psionics)
Luck (+1 Benny)

Psionics Powers: (Power Points – 25)
-Energy Wall – Barrier (1 PP/Section, Range: Smarts, Duration 3 (1 per section, per round), SWEX p. 86)
-Gray Scream – Burst (2 PP, Flame Template, 2d10 damage, SWEX p. 88)
-Force Field – Deflection (2 PP, Duration: 3 (1/round), SWEX p. 89)
-Energy Tether – Entangle (2-4 PP, Range: Smarts, SWEX p. 90)
-Regenerative Aura – Healing (3 PP, Instant, SWEX p. 91)

Spacesuit (2 Armor)
High-Tech First Aid Kit (
1 to Healing)
Chronometer (for the style…)
3 Semi-Precious Crystalline Bracelets
Ray Gun Rifle (1 Shooting, Damage 2d81)

Level Up Purchases – TOTAL XP: 25
5 – Edge: Power Points (+5)
10 – Edge: I Have One! (Once per session, hero can “suddenly remember” he has a specific needed item on his person.)
15 – New Power
20 – Agility d8
25 – New Power


Xyrtl Yanxrp

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