Welcome to the Slipstream, sci-fi fans. This is a space pulp setting reminiscent of the black and white Saturday morning serials of the 1930s. Think Flash Gordon and Buck Rodgers and you pretty much get the general idea.

How do you get here?

Slipstream is a pocket universe reached by passing through a black hole. Every black hole has a branch tunnel that leads to the Slipstream. Conventional 21st century science has it that matter sucked into a black hole is destroyed: not even light can escape the terrible force of destruction. Well, conventional science isn’t always right.

Some things do survive passage into a black hole. The Slipstream locals are living proof. The ride is rough and most matter a black hole consumes never appears here but those surviving the experience know they are lucky to be alive.

The vast majority of current inhabitants were born here-Slipstream is the only home they know.

The Slipstream is a pocket universe, sometimes called the Wave. This is short for the Graviton Energy Wave emitted by the black hole. The Wave spirals lazily into the center of the universe, pushing space debris toward the Graveyard, a morass of planetary debris, gas clouds, and wrecked rocket ships that lie in the center of the universe. The Wave can be crossed, but it is a bumpy and extremely dangerous ride.

Entire worlds have been lost to black holes. The immense gravitational forces ripped these planets apart and spat out the remaining Fragments into the Slipstream. The largest fragments are the size of the moon, but most are much smaller than that. There is no star in the Slipstream-a constant colorful twilight glow exists, thanks to energy particles emitted by the black hole. There is no vacuum between fragments, instead there is breathable air although it is very thin.

QUEEN ANATHRAXA terrorizes the Slipstream. She is merciless and takes what she wants-food, natural resources, alien artifact, and, above all, males. What does she do with the males? Pray you never find out.

Queen Anathraxa does not operate alone. Serving her are the Handmaidens, formidable and ruthless mercenaries armed with artifact weapons, Primals, a primitive race that serves as her footsoldiers, and Minions, males who serve on her rocketships.

TECHNOLOGY -Rocketships and ray guns are the cutting edge of hi-tech invention here. There is no artificial intelligence, computers are more of large machines with ticker-tape readouts, whirling noises, and the occasional flashing light. The super hi-tech gizmos in the Slipstream are called Alien Artifacts. These are very rare and highly sought after.

Most Fragments are low-tech worlds. This does not mean they’re barbarians wielding pointy sticks, it just means the average technology of the Fragment is low. Queen Anathraxa does her best to keep technology levels to a minimum.

Thousands of aliens live here and adventure abounds. Strap on your rocket-belts, ready your ray guns, prepare your weird science gizmos, and get ready to brave the universe that is The Slipstream!!!

SavageGreek Slipstream

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